Early and resistance to lodging.
An ideal combination between production and quality. It meets all claims of processing industry.

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Morphological and physiological characteristics:

Durum winter wheat variety, suitable for all traditional areas of culture. Auradur has great ecological plasticity, making it cultivable on surfaces highly differentiated in terms of climate, providing inputs to optimize clasic inputs specific to wheat crops. AURADUR variety is characterized by a large vitrescence and high quality grain with a high content of protein and is required for the production of special flours in the baking industry, for the production of high quality pasta. Shows good resistance to drought and diseases. Average capacity of twinning. Average plant size: 80 – 90 cm. Aristias are black.


biological potential: 5.000 – 7.000 kg/ha
undertaken productions: 5.700 kg/ha

Hectolitric weight (kg/100 l) 76-82
Protein (%) 16-21

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