Non-aristia wheat variety, very productive and mean indexes of bakery, very tolerant to drought and high ecological plasticity. Due to good resistance to wintering and high capacity of twinning, it is recommended to be grown in southern, south-eastern and western. Highly resistant to powdery mildew, rust resistance on average very resistant to breakdown, BALATON respond well to nitrogen fertilizer application.

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Morphological and physiological characteristics:

Variety of high production, good quality, non-aristia, Class A
Resistant to wintering
Resistance to lodging and drought
Mildew resistant
Average rust resistant
Suitable for bioethanol

biological potential: 11.000 kg/ha
undertaken production: 8000 – 10.000 kg/ha


Quality characteristics:

Hectoliter weight> 80 MMB: 45 – 55 g
Protein content: 13%
Wet gluten content: 25 to 30%
Fall index: 280 sec.

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