Very important and high quality variety, maintaining itself from 2001 in top of all official tests regarding the efficiency of durum winter wheat. Combination between production, leaf health and high quality reduces crop risks and encourages producers decision on this variety.

It is very proper also for poor soils, has good reaction to fetilisers and it is sufficiently resistant to drought.

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Morphological and physiological characteristics:

Modern variety of Premium winter wheat grown on surfaces highly differentiated in terms of climate – very resistant to frost. Very drought resistant variety, the variety known as „camel” (due to self-capacity water consumption) very good disease resistance. Late maturing variety, resistant to sprouting in the ear.
High capacity twinning.
Average plant size: 110 – 120 cm (recommended treatment with growth regulator during twinning).

biologic potential: 10.000-12.000 kg/ha
undertaken production: 8890 kg/ha


Quality characteristics:

hectoliter weight: > 80
MMB: 43 – 49 g
Protein content: 14 – 16%
Wet gluten content: 35 – 40%
Falling index: 260 sec

Cultural characteristics:
Sowing time
South, west and south-east: 01.10 -10.10
Hilly areas and northern area: 20.09- 01.10
Part-time sowing: 110-150 kg/ha(300 b.g/mp)