Aristia Premium wheat, the most resistant to fall from family CAPO, recommended to be grown on the best soils, well structured vertically and with a high content of humus and organic matter. Philippe is a little late than CAPO and JOSEF and has very good resistance to frost, drought, sprouting in the ear and very good tolerance to diseases, especially to rust. Growth regulator is not recommended because it is a variety of medium height (85-90 cm).

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Morphological and physiological characteristics:

Very modern Premium wheat variety, much earlier than Capo and Josef.
Very good resistance to frost, drought and sprouting in the ear. Very good disease resistance, particularly to rust.
High capacity of twinning.
Plant height: 70-90 cm
Aristia ear


biological potential: 10.000 – 13.100 kg/ha
production undertaken: 10.100 kg/ha


Quality characteristics:

Hectoliter weight: > 80
MMB: 42 – 50 g
Protein content: 14 – 17%
Wet gluten content: 35 – 40%
Fall index: cca 270 sec

Cultural characteristics:

Sowing time
south, west and southeast: 01.10-10.10
and northern hilly: 20.09-10.01

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