Premium wheat variety, very early, like ARNOLD and BITOP variety, very drought tolerant and good disease tolerance, it is recommended to be grown in areas highly differentiated in terms of climate, providing high yields and quality. Variety with medium to high (100-105 cm) is recommended growth regulator at the end of brotherhood or early elongation straw – between the first and second internode (1-1.5 L / ha). (active ingredient: 400 g / l chlormequat chloride).

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Morphological and physiological characteristics:

Modern Wheat Variety Premium, the earliest of CAPO family.
Shows good resistance to frost, drought and sprouting in the ear.
Very good resistance to disease, less sensitive to „rust brown”.
High capacity twinning. Average size of plants: 80-90 cm. Aristia ear.


biological potential: 9000 kg/ha
undertaken production: 6920 kg/ha


Quality characteristics:

Hectoliter weight: > 80
MMB: 43-49 g
Protein content: 14 to 16%
Wet gluten content: 35 – 40%
Fall index: 360 sec

Cultural characteristics:

sowing time:
south, west and southeast: 01.10 – 10.10
and northern hilly: 20.09 – 01.10
reduced sowing time: 110 – 150 kg / ha (300 bg / m)

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