Specific barley for dark beer production. It is suitable for feeding.
It is an early variety with short fault and very good resistance to lodging. It confirmed the excellent behavior in different locations on different soils.

Fertilization with nitrogen / dry areas / fertil soil / soil poor (Kg a.s./ha)
at sowing / 60-80 / 30-50 / 50-70
at straw formation – / – / (0-20)

[table id=5/]


Morphological and physiological characteristics:

Variety of spring with 2 rows of beans, well-formed.
Early spring barley variety from which a high quality malt can be obtained.
Of all the varieties, TUNIKA has the most stable genetic characteristics, is recommended to be cultivated on all land specific for barley beer.
High capacity twinning.
Average plant size: 80 – 90 cm.[/success]


Cultural characteristics:

planting dates: south, west and south-east: early spring as soon as you can get to prepare the ground
reduced time to sow: 130 – 160 kg/ha (300 b.g/mp)[/success]



Such cultivation is not indicated after early legumes because, by increasing the nitrification process, more nitrogen is accumulated in soil, which adversely affect quality malt.[/success]

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