Welcome to Probstdorfer Saatzucht Romania!

You may probably imagine there are varieties of cereals better than the ones you’ve grown so far. You imagine, but you haven’t met them yet.
We, Probstdorfer Saatzucht Romania, make them always available to you.
So, why are they valuable?

Simply because they offer you a cheaper and reacher harvest, with seeds full of proteins and other nutrients, from which you can gat a healthy bread, without mycotoxins, fully appropiate to the quality and standards of UE, an area which we already entered since 2007 in. You will not find seed like purs, anywhere else, 100% quality, that ensures a good harvest and securebakery with high food value.

We are the first manufacter of Premium wheat in Romania, we have high performance varieties, with excellent bakery indexes and a high content of protein.
Toghether with you, our collaborators, we kept, for 7 years, the tradition of Premium wheat in Romania, well-known by ours hard-working farmers. We also tested and implemented new varieties in Romanian agriculture and over the time, we had excellent yields and that helped us to maintain ourselves year after year, within the top companies in this industry.
Probstdorfer Saatzucht Romania wil constantly assure you with the same excellent quality, both to wheat and to barley (and two-row barley). With our cereals, you will not get only seed, but a tasty, cool and healthy beer.

We wish you good luck and good harvest by cultivating our varieties and we remain yours truly, honest and faithful partner!
Our team will be with you at all times, giving you scientific support and technological advice, especially practical support in the field, where the life of seed begins, together achieving, above all, Excellence in agriculture!