PIRENEO wheat variety from CAPO family, with high biological value and quality of bread placed in group 8 of bakery, with very good resistance to lodging, it is recommended to be cultivated on well-structured soils with a high content of humus and organic matter. High waist (110 cm), it is recommended growth regulator at the end of brotherhood or early elongation straw – between the first and second internode (2 L / ha).

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Morphological and physiological characteristics:

Modern variety with high ecological plasticity. Strong enough to winter (up to -20 ° C). High in protein. Average resistance to drought. Highly resistant to disease, is a healthy variety. Moderate variety in height: 100-110 cm. Maturity much earlier than Capo. High capacity twinning.


biological potential: 10,000 to 10,500 kg / ha
production undertaken: 8900 kg / ha


Quality characteristics:

Hectoliter weight> 80
MMB: 45 – 50 g
Protein content: 14 to 17%
Wet gluten content: 35 – 49%
Fall index: 270 sec

Cultural characteristics:

Sowing time
south, west and southeast: 01.10-10.10
and northern hilly: 20.09-10.01[/success]